Rustic Love Valentine Wreath adds a rustic charm to your #ValentinesDay door decor. #wreath #doordecor #sunflowerdesigns2018

Rustic Love Valentine Wreath

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This lovely has found its forever home, but no worries! There are plenty of other wreaths in the Sunflower Designs Etsy Shop to help you beautify your home one wreath at a time!

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Rustic Love Valentine Wreath for your Front Door. This beautiful wreath is perfect for VALENTINE'S DAY and through SPRING, and will look beautiful indoors or outdoors. Enjoy it in the living room or den, or on any entryway door - it would be beautiful anywhere.

Let SunflowerDesigns2018 take the stress off of you as you decorate your home. Add this Rustic Love Wreath to your Front Door and your visitors will want to know where you found it. The simple wooden sign saying "love" nestles perfectly within the mesh and ribbon. Red hearts on rustic ribbon keep the love theme going. This original designer wreath is ready for your front door or anywhere in your home.

Do you struggle to find the perfect Valentine gift for your sweetheart? This Valentine Wreath would be just the thing! A one-of-a-kind item such as this handmade wreath is sure to bring a smile to that special someone's face.

With all our designs, we pay close attention to all the details. Every item is made as if we are creating it for ourselves. We use wired ribbon so that it can be reshaped as needed. The highest quality items are used in all our designs, and every item is safely secured to give you peace of mind that your design will last for years to come.

This is an artificial wreath that measures 24" x 24" x 8" deep.

Visit SunflowerDesigns 2018 on Etsy to view more details and to purchase.

Rustic Love Valentine Wreath adds a rustic charm to your #ValentinesDay door decor. #wreath #doordecor #sunflowerdesigns2018

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