Sunflower Designs 2018; a look back at our year building a new wreath making business. #wreathmaking #entrepreneur

Sunflower Designs 2018 | A Look Back

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In December 2017 I learned that my job in the corporate world was being eliminated in the Atlanta office where I worked, and the job would be moved to New York City. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to finally step off of the corporate rat race treadmill, and pursue my creative passion – wreath and floral design. When my corporate job ended March 30, 2018, I launched Sunflower Designs and it has been a whirlwind of a year!

Mr. Sunflower Designs (my husband, Rick) and I knew that 2018 would be a year of enormous change, and we have spent the year feeling like we were drinking from the fire hose most days! The most tangible change was that instead of commuting 3-4 hours per day, I would now be working from home. That meant we needed to upgrade my home office situation.

We had long been trying to decide how to best use the room that, in some families, might equate to a formal living. For us, it had always been a room where things went that didn’t really belong elsewhere in our home – like the Island of Misfit Toys. Primarily the room has always contained the family’s antique upright piano (which rarely gets played), and a hodge podge of other items. The first step was to move everything out of the room so we could finally see what possibilities the room held. 

Completely revamping the room with new paint and new wood flooring led us to the cozy office spot we now have. This is where the blog gets written, and all the photo editing and branding happens, and so many other things.

And no home office would be complete without a trusty office assistant!

a dog sits in a chair

Once the home office was finished, I began working the design end of our business – filling client orders for designer wreaths and floral arrangements. But I knew I also had to focus on opening my Etsy shop so that I could begin to offer my designs online as well as locally. In July the Etsy shop was launched and it didn’t take long for clients to find me; and while that was exciting, it was also scary. Putting myself out there for the world to see me and my work was a very vulnerable time for me. But my desire to help people transform their homes with the addition of beautiful florals and wreaths was strong enough to get me through the moments of fear.

As the number of orders grew, we knew my workspace needed to change. Sunflower Designs began at a work bench in our garage. It was an awesome work bench built by Rick, but truth be told he was ready to have his work bench back for his use…a man and his tools. In fact, the entire garage needed to be reclaimed from Sunflower Designs. So we moved the tiny little work shop into the bonus room above the garage and it began to grow into a real studio! With areas for design, storage, photography and shipping, we could finally say that Sunflower Designs was in a full-fledged studio and work space!

Earlier this month I began this blog, @Home With Sunflower Designs. The blog promises to take you all along on this journey with us. We will always work toward helping you to create a beautiful home, whether it’s through product or ideas. Mr. Sunflower Designs, and his amazing ability to see a need and create a solution, is part of the fun and fulfillment of this journey. The reason the studio works so well is because he and I have created a space where we can grow this business together. When you receive a shipment from Sunflower Designs, know that he has carefully packed your order and included instructions for unpacking and fluffing. I always put a piece of my heart into every design, so we have both packed a lot of love into your order!

a picture of Mr. Sunflower Designs

In my childhood my Mother instilled in me a love of flowers and designing with flowers. I always knew I wanted to work with my hands and flowers, but my path took me many different places before bringing me to this point. I’ve always felt that everything in my life was preparing me for something else; I just never imagined it would be Sunflower Designs. Always remember to dream big, to imagine, and to ask “what if…”

painted rock with the quote "what if…everything you're going through right now is preparing you for a dream bigger than you can imagine."

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Sunflower Designs 2018; a look back at our year building a new wreath making business. #wreathmaking #entrepreneur

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